Michael Phelps Takes “Bong-cersise” To Rio Olympics


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Apparently America’s favorite ‘high’-performance athlete is taking his exercise secrets and sharing them with the world. Michael Phelps has made the US Olympic team for the fifth time. In preparation for Rio, and putting some more medals around his neck, he has released a new exercise book and DVD, revealing how cannabis helps him become a champion.

Love of exercise, and rhymes

When I have a need for speed, I turn to weed. (Giggling.) In fact, I’m high right now and rhymes make me giggle.

One of the chapters in his workout secrets is called “If You Take a Hit, You Won’t Quit.”

You have a friend or coach place donuts or potato chips at each end of the pool. You then take a giant bong hit. Trust me, the munchies will do the rest.

Michael Phelps, master of bong-ercise

And, guys, let me tell you, I can’t guarantee ‘Bong-ercise’ will make you more virile. I can’t tell you how times I’ve been asked ‘is that a bong in your Speedos, or, are you just glad to see…

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