Microsoft & Marijuana: Is This The New Game-Changing Partnership?


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The cannabis industry has to deal with a lot of issues that all boil down to one basic principle: legitimacy. There is pressure from both directions to either treat it as the serious, lawful business that it strives to become, or treat it like a “joke”, as DEA Chief Chuck Rosenberg likes to put it, with no real need from or benefit to society. That legitimacy, the seriousness in which other see it, has just been given a big boost.

Microsoft and marijuana

Often it takes the attention and respect of a big player to put a little guy on the map, and the cannabis industry has just ben given that. The software giant Microsoft has recently partnered with Kind Financial, an ancillary cannabis business, to help it land bids for its seed-to-sale tracking systems. Cannabis industry consultant John Conlin says:

This is earth-shattering. It’s a huge deal. Huge, huge, huge.

Somebody big sooner or later was going to make a move. And here they come, and I think it’ll just open the floodgates.


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