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The Mighty – Fine Vapor

Storz & Bickel has never been shy about its vaporizer designs.

From the very beginning these have leaned strongly towards the form-follows-function school.

From the conical Volcano with its balloon, to their first foray into handheld vaporizers, the Plenty.

In late 2014 the German company opted for a twin launch for its latest portable offering, a unique strategy for the industry to date.


The Mighty is the larger version of two, being 14 cms (5.5 inches) high, 8 cms (3.2 inches) wide and 3 (1.2) deep. It’s grabbable in a fist, like a walkie-talkie, rather than sitting in your palm like a pipe.

It feels sturdy and well built, as you’d expect from Storz and Bickel its precision medical device standards, and its weight (235 grams, or 0.5 lbs) does not feel excessive.


Out of the box, the Mighty takes about 2 hours to charge its dual Lithium-Ion Battery (via mains adapter – no USB). It can be used while this is going on.

The interface is self-explanatory. Press the orange button on the side to switch on; a short trilling vibration announces that this has been successful.

A square LCD screen shows the battery level, desired temperature (white) and the current temperature above that in orange numerals. Buttons on either side of the screen change the setting (maximum 210 C/410 F, minimum 40 C/104 F.)

Charged, it takes around 2 minutes to get up to 190 degrees C (374 degrees F – holding the – and + buttons down simultaneous toggles between the two)


The Mighty arrives with a grinder, brush, spare sealing…

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