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MyDx Outlines 2015 Milestones & 2016 Goals in Shareholder Letter


MyDx Inc. ( ) recently issued a shareholders’ letter outlining the key milestones achieved in 2015 and its goals moving into the new year. After years of development, the company launched its innovative chemical sensor technology that creates a chemical profile of cannabis and automatically learns what chemical make-up helps patients achieve their desired outcome – whether it is euphoria or pain relief.

Earlier this year, CFN Media caught up with Daniel Yazbeck at the 2015 Los Angeles Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo to discuss the CannaDx technology in detail.

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Read the entire shareholders’ letter below:

As we kickoff the new year and look ahead to 2016, let us take a moment to reflect on the progress we made last year.

With our stock now trading near its 52 week low, just as the Marijuana Index Global Composite (which we are a select member of), I believe the value of our products and technology are not being adequately reflected in the value of our stock. Furthermore, in the current election year, with so many Marijuana initiatives on the ballot (including California, Nevada and 5 other states that will vote for Marijuana legalization in September), combined with a second term president who might pleasantly surprise us with an executive order on Cannabis, the news could springboard the stocks in this industry in a positive light.

The key milestones we achieved in 2015 have positioned us with the underlying momentum in our business to drive growth and innovation in 2016.

2015 Key Milestones Achieved

  1. We became a publicly traded reporting company under ticker symbol MYDX on the OTCQB Markets.
  2. MYDX created a Brand and launched a CannaDx Product to service the Cannabis Industry with the first portable cannabis testing device for consumer use that is sleek, futuristic, and delivers timely results at the lowest retail price available.
  3. MYDX became a revenue generating Company, earning $219,180 in Q3 of 2015, our first quarter of sales, primarily from online direct sales to consumers.

For more details on our recent progress, please see our MyDx Q3/Year End Company Update.

Looking forward to 2016, here is what we look to achieve for MyDx:

  1. Mass adoption for the CannaDx Application through increased marketing and sales efforts.
  2. Effectiveness of the Form S-1 to provide shareholders with an opportunity for liquidity, when ready.
  3. Investments in MyDx technology to continue to advance and create the most practical, reliable and affordable chemical analysis platform in the world for the everyday consumer and commercial operator.
  4. Launch the OrganaDx application, empowering consumers to test for pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

2016 Kickoff Team

In 2016, we plan to continue to work with people who challenge us to make MyDx a necessity for life, just like the iPhone and smartphones have become necessities for people. Once you have it, you can’t imagine a life without it.

Please find below our 2016 Kickoff Team. We are all very excited and committed to achieving our goals this year.


Sales may go up or down on a quarterly basis. A share price may fluctuate. But love for an affordable product that helps people, their families and friends have healthier lives must always remain the same or continue to grow.

We believe MyDx is a practical social movement that empowers consumers to understand, express and share their feelings and ailment relief as a direct result of the chemicals they put into their mind & body.

The time is now to continue investment in MyDx technology innovation and to expand the applications of our existing products.

On behalf of the MyDx Team, we are all very excited about 2016 and we invite you to join us!

On a personal note, I want to Thank You for your loyal support as a shareholder, and know we dedicate our time to the betterment of your company everyday.

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