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New Book Seeks To Put An Adult Face On Cannabis


A new direction


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In writing his book, Schmader was clear with his publishers about the direction he wished to take — and that which he wished to avoid.

“It’s really just like a user’s guide,” he says. “None of that naughty counter-culture vibe; have it just be like a guide to scotch. There are a million books that are packed with stoner puns, and they’re all about being naughty and transgressive with weed, and I wanted it to be something like, ‘Alright, this is something smart grown-ups might enjoy.’”

The adult-like approach to cannabis acts as a prism through which readers can absorb a plethora of information: Schmader covers subjects ranging from etiquette, history, recipes, and even select musical and museum experiences that may be made even better after having smoked.

Weights & scales

Yet for all of the subjects that appear in the book, one of the most surprising for Schmader was how the legal prosecutions of cannabis based on weight, in which suspects with heavier…

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