New Initiative To Help Minority-Owned Cannabis Businesses


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A new set of regulations under consideration by the Oakland City Council seeks to provide greater opportunity and assistance to minority residents looking to establish their own cannabis businesses.

The Proposal

Oakland’s City Council approved the changes –put forward by Councilwoman Desley Brooks– that reserve half of all new permits to sell medical cannabis for two distinct groups: either those who were arrested for crimes in the past that were related to cannabis, or those who have lived for two years or longer in one of six Oakland Police Department Beats in East Oakland that measure high numbers of cannabis-related arrests.

According to Brooks, the regulations are needed in order to ensure healthy competition for businesses that are likely to be lucrative.

“When we look at the eight (dispensaries), we have one that is owned by an African-American. One out of eight… [E]verybody ought to have an opportunity to compete.”

Support for cannabis businesses

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