New Poll Finds Unsurprising Results For Cannabis Legalization


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A new poll has found continuing majority support for cannabis legalization nationwide, which arrives as multiple states around the country debate the statewide legalization of the substance.

The Poll

Quinnipiac University found that 54% of registered voters nationwide were supportive of cannabis legalization.

Support for cannabis legalization broke down largely over a few key demographic lines. For example, the prospect is more popular among men (60% support to 37% against) than among women (48% to 46%).

Meanwhile, Democrats heavily favor the legalization of the substance (65% support to 30% against) while Republicans roundly reject the idea (62% against versus 36% support.)

Regardless of its demographic breakdowns, the issue has nonetheless shown measured growth among the electorate – and one that is not likely to disappear anytime soon, according to Tom Angell, the chairman of the pro-cannabis group Marijuana Majority.

This is a mainstream issue that politicians are…

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