New Zealand Parliament Fights For Simpler Medical Marijuana Access

Currently, New Zealand’s medical cannabis laws are murky at best. Labour Party Parliament member Damien O’Connor recently introduced a bill that would eliminate some of the confusion surrounding medical marijuana access- perhaps remedying the difficulties that many terminally ill are experiencing in the nation.

“My bill makes the approval process simpler but has appropriate safeguards. The key change is the minister must not prevent the supply and administration of processed cannabis products to a person considered by a registered medical practitioner to be either in the final stages of a terminal illness, or have a permanent condition that causes significant pain or impairment.” –  O’Connor

Same old song of confusion


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It seems that New Zealand’s medical marijuana patients are at a disadvantage when trying to gain access to the natural medicine that they believe will help them defeat their illnesses. Even with a registered medical practitioner’s blessing, patients are confused and…

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