Newest Rapper In The Cannabis Game Wants Flavored Weed


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Rapper Cam’Ron is reportedly planning to launch a line of flavored cannabis, which would coincide with the autumn release of the star’s forthcoming hip-hop album.

His flavored weed plan

Cam’Ron spoke of his desire to start his own cannabis strain, mentioning a flavored strain such as “grape soda” that would be purple or pink-hued. It was inspired while conducting research and development on a farm near San Francisco during a weekend visit.

I never smelled any of this till I came out here.

The New York rapper and several members of his crew have reportedly been encouraged to pursue the strain since releasing the gold-record-selling Purple Haze on Roc-A-Fella Records in 2004.

Cam’Ron now plans to release the strain to coincide with the autumn release of his forthcoming album, Killah Season 2: The Pink Edition.


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While many of Cam’Ron’s legions of fans applauded his planned cannabis strain, purists of the substance decried the move, expressing their belief that…

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