Who said a hot box was a thing of the past? In this day and age, the tradition of encasing ourselves in an air tight space full of smoke is no forgotten hobby. The high that is achieved during a hot box session can be considered, well, foggy to say the least. Somehow it seems like a hot box session begins with a purpose but ultimately, if the hot box is worthy of any recognition, that purpose will be forgotten along the way.

On this occasion, we take a look at two bold ladies attempting to smoke 3 grams of wax and 2 cross joints in the stoner’s place of choice for a hot box: automobile cubicle. Can they handle it? Will the heat be too much to bear? If for any purpose at all, entertainment is assured. This one is fun to watch. Check out the video below.

Cabin Fever: What Makes A Successful Hotbox?

The hotbox continues to be for some a challenge, for others a ceremonial session of burning that fine marijuana essence. For the rest of us, a celebration! What is the…