NFL Players Are Speaking Out On Cannabis Policy


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No longer do NFL players have to disguise their support for medical cannabis. Led by NFL players Eugene Monroe, Derek Morgan, Kyle Turley, and Jim McMahon, the mission to change the NFL’s policy on cannabis use is gaining momentum. Recently, Katie Couric, of Yahoo, interviewed these players. They discussed their views on why cannabis should not only be researched as a medicine but why it should be accepted in the NFL. Have a look below.

The Stigma

Current free agent and former Baltimore Raven, Eugene Monroe, made headlines last month when he publicly endorsed the research of medical cannabis. As the first active player to publicly announce his support for cannabis research, Monroe single-handedly opened the door for other players to get involved.

Cannabis is a substance that has been stigmatized for years, and that’s why I am so adamant about educating people on the health benefits of it. I’d like to know the NFL is maintaining such a stern position (against) on the medical value of cannabis…

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