Oh Hi, Did You Know It’s Choc Chip Cookie Day?


It is here, the day you have been waiting for! I’m not talking about Christmas or tax returns… It’s National Chocolate Chip Day! Where would snacks be without the chocolate chip? To pay homage to this tasty invention, HERB has compiled 3 great recipes you should get started on right now to have an herbal holiday celebration!

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Not quite like grandma used to make, these delicious edibles are packed with THC goodness. With that in mind, maybe you should return the favor and bake some for your grandmother. All it takes is 30 minutes to create a batch of soft, mouth-watering treats that will leave the whole family happy…  If you decide to share. Check out the recipe here.

Cannabis Chocolate Chip Coconut Oil Cookies, a twist on the classic cookie

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A cookie is just a cookie, unless it is made with coconut oil. This healthy fat can boost thyroid function and increase healthy HDL cholesterol. A great twist on the classic chocolate chip cookie recipe, these…

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