Oklahoma Cannabis Oil Law Expansion Will Help Patients Of All Ages


The tables are turning in favor of medical marijuana use, even in states where only last year it seemed doomed to failure. The Oklahoma cannabis oil expansion is exciting news for the state.

The new law

Previously in Oklahoma, the law allowed for the use of medical oil derived from cannabis to treat children under 18, and only for epileptic seizures. Now, with the modified HB 2835, the age restriction has been lifted, and the measure also allows for the treatment of spasms due to multiple sclerosis, paraplegia, and symptoms of chronic wasting disease, conditions that are covered in the medical use laws in many other states.

The House voted 69-14 for the expanded measure, sending it to Gov. Mary Fallin to be signed into law. Last year, Fallin signed the legislation that allowed the use of CBD in children but said she remained opposed to legalizing all medical marijuana.

Even with the new law, there is no framework for the creation of state-compliant production or dispensary facilities for patients…

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