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Ole Miss Researchers Study Medical Marijuana Strains


For those of you who don’t already know, Ole Miss is hands down the coolest university in America.  Why?  Because they are home to the only federally legal marijuana grow.  Yes, The University of Mississippi is home to the only government sanctioned weed farm.

Ole Miss’ Marijuana Facts

Previously, the farm at Ole Miss was used to grow marijuana for a select number of people enrolled in the federal government’s Investigational New Drug program, which allows members to legally smoke weed in all 50 states (don’t get excited, only 4 people are actually enrolled in this program, and they stopped taking new patients in 1992).

Anyway, the government selected Ole Miss to house the grow site in order to cater to these lucky individuals.  Now, thanks to the popularity of marijuana legalization, the weed farm is used to conduct research on the plant.

According to USA Today, “Inside the marijuana research lab at Ole Miss, the potent smell of marijuana lingers in the air.  The grow room, housing plants that are up to six feet tall, buzzes with the sound of heat lamps and ventilation systems.”

The National Institute on Drug Abuse runs the facility, and even ordered a thousand pounds of bud for what they called, “current and anticipated research efforts involving marijuana.”  And research they did.

The scientists at the NIDA have discovered seven new naturally occurring cannabinoids.  Cannabinoids are chemical compounds in marijuana that react with the brain’s cannabinoid receptors, and cause the side effects of ingesting cannabis, like pain relief and euphoria.  THC is probably the best and most beloved cannabinoid.

So what do these seven previously unheard of cannabinoids mean to the world?  Well, it allows scientists to understand the plant more as a whole, and gets them one step closer to identifying the entire makeup of the cannabis plant.  It also allows researchers to better understand all of the medicinal benefits to cannabis, which are directly correlated with specific cannabinoids.

Research And Medical Marijuana States

So what does all this research mean for the rest of the country?  Well, currently 23 states allow the use of medical marijuana.  This means that the patients in roughly half the nation will be served better by the research going on at Ole Miss.  They will be able to have access to better, more appropriate strains of weed for their conditions, as well as proper prescriptions.  Here is a complete list of the medical marijuana states:




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