Organic Marijuana: Why Pesticide Use Needs Tighter Control


A change in control

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) fined and gave 10-day suspensions for first-time pesticide violations. One of the companies fined stated that the reason it failed was that plants on the medical side were brought over to populate the recreational side, but this doesn’t make the situation any better. Some pesticides can stay inside a plant, and through cloning, be passed on to generations of crops. The WSLCB has a zero tolerance policy for any level of contamination, as it should, and even trace amounts are unacceptable.

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The producers also had bottles of products that are on the prohibited list on site. The list of prohibited products is available online in alphabetical order, so a mistake like this was easily avoidable, and a further embarrassment to the industry as a whole. Each producer should not only be checking this list but have a dedicated compliance officer to prevent situations like this from occurring.

Why so strict?


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Unlike foods, which…

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