Overwhelming Majority Support Cannabis For Pediatric Cancer


We often think that the mainstream medical community is at odds with medical cannabis. This is not the case with pediatric oncologists. According to a cross-sectional survey presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) annual meeting, more than 90% of doctors favored medical cannabis for pediatric cancer patients. The meeting was held in Chicago and concluded on June seventh. 

Pediatric cannabis gets majority support

The survey had 301 respondents in all. The pool included nurses, physicians, and physician extenders. A whopping 92% of those polled were in favor of pediatric cannabis for cancer. 88% of participants approved of cannabis use in patients near the end of their lives.

However, a dismal 34% suggested that cannabis is helpful for early-stage treatment. Future substance abuse was not a concern for 62% of those surveyed.

These survey results are very promising. The idea of giving cannabis to a sick child was once a cause of public outrage. Now, with the majority of…

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