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Pax 2


Bottom line: The Pax2 is smaller, smarter, sleeker and just plain better than the original Pax in every way except price. Functionality is improved and old issues addressed. A must for the stylish vaper.

With its sleek looks and tactile design, the Pax from Pax Labs (previously called Ploom) proved to be an aesthetic and technical landmark in vaping-on-the-go when it launched in 2012. Despite criticisms of its performance, the Pax has gone on to sell around 500,000 units, permanently raising the bar in terms of vape design, intelligence and desirability as a consumer product.


Now in early 2015, the successor Pax2 is hitting the shelves. The original Pax will be phased out and is currently selling for 80 bucks less than its replacement.


Is the Pax2 worth the extra outlay? On looks alone, absolutely. Whether Charcoal, Platinum, Topaz or Flare, the Pax2 could not be any sexier if it arrived in stockings and suspenders brandishing a can of whipped cream! (Say whaaaaaat!!)

Beyond the skin deep, Pax Labs have listened to its users and by-and-large fixed the problems with the original (sticky mouthpiece, poor draw, short battery life), but kept the basic look and feel of the original, while improving it in every way.


Since when Ploom started (now Pax Labs) they always appreciated that the appeal of a desirable consumer good begins outside the box and the Pax2 packaging is Apple-perfect; elegant and minimalist with some clever touches.

Opening the box produces a small sigh of admiration for the immediate appeal of the Pax2. It demands to be…

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