Pennsylvania Gears Up For The Green Rush


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After passing Senate Bill 3, Medical Marijuana Act (MMA), back in April, Pennsylvania lawmakers are now beginning to figure out what the financial regulations for this ground-breaking law will look like. With so many different streams of revenue to consider, officials are hoping to organize a system that benefits patients, as well as the state economy.

MMA keeps the flowers away

Buying into the medical marijuana market might seem like a great idea. It’s a hugely lucrative business, with an endless customer base, plus it’s a sector of the economy that truly saves people’s lives. Unfortunately, unless there’s $2 million laying around somewhere, average residents don’t stand a chance at entering the PA market. With high prices set for licensing of both dispensaries and cultivation, PA hopes the residual effect will be less cost to consumers.

Senate Bill 3 is one of the strictest medical marijuana laws to ever pass, even excluding the legalization of dry herb. So it should come as no shock…

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