Redman’s Had An Epic “Nug Nation” Make Over


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Nug Nation is back and at it again! The stop-motion shenanigans of these smokable citizens are about to get down and dirty in the first installment of Potty Talk with Bong Burgandy. Check the hilarious video out below.

Celebrity guests

Nug Nation will have a special guest in their first celebrity interview. Bong Burgandy, the newscaster Nug with the power tie and power mustache is going to interview cannabis lover and musician Redman.

Co-creator Mikey Peterson said:

As an icon in cannabis culture, Redman was the obvious choice as the segment’s first celebrity interview.

The Nug makeover: Redman meets Bong Burgandy

Redman gets the Nug Nation makeover as an animated herb and has an intimate chat with Bong Burgandy in the place everyone loves to have a conversation, a public restroom. Redman was hyped to be turned into a nug by the show creators:

It was dope workin with The Nug Nation team, it was a breeze to knock out.

In-depth coverage

The interview covers Redman’s film…

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