Reefer Madness: A 420 Interview with Coral Reefer

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On this 420, dives into the reef to spend some time with one of today’s most influential and wide-reaching cannabis culture enthusiasts. She has taken the internet by storm, and by storm we mean cumulonimbus clouds of chronic… 😉 She’s a Californian cannabis connoisseur who has tested and reviewed over 250 strains, and a cultural leader who uses her power of influence to educate her international audience on the benefits of this amazing flower. So with our favorite holidaze right around the corner, we bring you the one and only stoney sensation, Coral Reefer.  Let’s start things off with a basic one. What does 4/20 mean to you?

Coral Reefer: It’s a day of pride for cannabis patients, enthusiasts, and people that support the plant. For decades, we’ve been keeping cannabis behind the curtain for 364 days of our lives, hiding it from bosses, schoolmates, parents, and loved ones. 4/20 is our day, our day to say we love cannabis! We love how we feel when we consume cannabis, we love what cannabis does for our earth and our economy, and we surround ourselves with people who feel the same way on this day. You never know who you might see at a 4/20 celebration, and it’s a moment of shared joy to pass them the joint or bong, to grind up a fragrant nug, and to enjoy a moment of freedom. Do you have any 4/20 traditions?

Coral Reefer: I used to smoke 4.20 grams of flower in personal joints or pipe packs, and then bring more cannabis to share with friends throughout the day. It’d be like a little challenge to smoke the 4.20 grams just to myself, I’d pick up the bud sometime in the week before and roll the joints on the 19th. As 4/20 has grown and grown and I’ve celebrated in different environments, I haven’t done the personal 4.20 challenge lately, but it was definitely a tradition of mine for a few early 4/20 celebrations. What’s your favorite way to spend the holiday?

Coral Reefer: Easy, with friends and loved ones! It’s really OUR holiday; I’ve always found it important to request the day off from work and surround myself with people that love cannabis. I wear lots of green, maybe some purple, and pot leaves. What are your plans for this upcoming 4/20?

Coral Reefer: I’ll be getting super stoney somewhere in California. Tell us a story from the first 4/20 you remember.

Coral Reefer: My friend and I knew we couldn’t park on UCSC campus for the 4/20 celebration in the meadow, and that we’d have to walk a couple miles from the parking area down the road, so we each brought a half dozen donuts for fuel. It was an incredibly sunny 4/20 in Santa Cruz … along the walk, and the ensuing joints we enjoyed, the bags of donuts got heavier and heavier in our hands, and we could only eat so many before feeling like 12 donuts between the two of us girls was a mistake. We began to leave a trail of donuts to lighten our load and eventually made it to the meadow to smoke with friends. The exhausting walk and immediate sugar rush left us laying on a picnic blanket in the shade of the trees, napping through the rest of the day. If you could celebrate 4/20 with anyone, regardless if they’re alive, who would you choose to get stoney with?

Coral Reefer: My grandma, Helen. I didn’t get a chance to meet her, but I know she loved growing outdoor cannabis and made a meeeaannn medicated brownie. Okay now for the Debate of the 21st Century: Flowers or dabs?

Coral Reefer: BOTH! Daily, I consume concentrates more often than flower, but I couldn’t imagine celebrating 4/20 without some big beautiful buds to enjoy. I love that concentrates are so potent, and you don’t have a recognizable smell. Flower is just irreplaceable to me, though. What’s your favorite way to smoke? (bowl, blunt, joint, etc.)

Coral Reefer: I really like smoking like the locals do. At home, rigs and bongs, I dig the water bubbling, but when I’m on the road I’ll smoke weed however it might be handed to me; I love to see what’s popular wherever I’m visiting. Where’s your favorite place to smoke?

Coral Reefer: It might be cheesy, but with friends or loved ones. I’ve had so many wonderful moments shared over cannabis, regardless of where we might be. Outdoor seshes are near the top of my list, but a windy day can dull that pretty quickly! If you were a strain, which one would you be?

Coral Reefer: You know, I’ve thought about this question a lot! I’m not sure I know quite yet, but I’d like to think I’d be pretty potent. How do you think the cannabis community will be celebrating 4/20 in 20 years?

Coral Reefer: I imagine so much happiness and contentment. I hope that we no longer feel the need to be hiding our love of cannabis 364 days a year, but I think we’ll still love having a day to ourselves to celebrate the plant. I think as more businesses open in more states, we’ll see 4/20 promotions and specials, more ways to celebrate than we can even imagine right now. This community will only continue to grow, and 4/20 is a great annual reminder of how far we’ve come already.

So there you have it, an in-depth look at 420 with Coral Reefer! Coral has the amazing ability to unite stoners from all over the world into a supportive online community fueled by her passion for this plant. We can all agree Coral Reefer is beautiful, but she is more than just a pretty face who loves weed. Her YouTube channel is filled with a wide-range of videos from strain sampling to dispensary tours to coverage of ‘weedy events.’ Weekly, she hosts a series called Stoney Sunday, in which she interviews and smokes with prominent figures in the industry (Here she is seshing with Maya Elisabeth, co-founder of Omedibles and Whoopi & Maya).  Coral’s pot passion also translates into education for the masses, check out her news site, NewsNug, to stay updated on medical marijuana legislature nation-wide. To ask Coral your own 420 questions, follow her on twitterinstagram and Facebook!


Thank you, Coral Reefer, for taking the time to talk pot with!

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