Scientists Are Pushing For A New Era In Medical Marijuana Research


What rescheduling could mean

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Lester Grinspoon, a famous cannabis researcher who has been studying the plant since the 1960’s would prefer the DEA to take it off the list of controlled substances altogether.

“It’s not that we don’t have a lot of information. If you go to PubMed you’ll find that there are 23,000 papers published on cannabis. But [with rescheduling] we can open it up to large, double-blind clinical studies.”

What would the difference mean, and why should they do it for cannabis? Well cannabis isn’t the only drug to be held back by legal hurdles only to be found as a game-changer when it was finally able to be studied fully.

“We didn’t have any large double-blind studies of penicillin until the mid-60s, so it was all anecdotal evidence. But it came across as a wonder drug. And it was.”

The frustration of Schedule I


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Right now, scientists have numerous difficulties related to the status of cannabis, not just the approval of the DEA. It is because of its status…

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