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Sen. Elizabeth Warren Endorses Greater Uses For Marijuana


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If you pay attention to politics and have been following Senator Elizabeth Warren at all, you probably recall her response to a question regarding legalization of cannabis back in 2011. If you don’t let us refresh you:  it was a stern no.

If you do happen to remember this, it may just come as a surprise to hear what she recently did in support of cannabis. Senator Elizabeth Warren is urging the CDC to investigate the potential effectiveness of cannabis in treating and addressing the opioid addiction and overdose epidemic in the United States.

For those of you who may not be aware, there is a major epidemic with prescription opioid overdoses in the United States that is fueled by the pharmaceutical industry. Over 15,000 individuals die every year in the U.S. alone from opioid overdoses, and many more are admitted to rehab centers for opioid addiction.

Not only could cannabis help to fight the addiction to opioids, but cannabis could also potentially replace opioids as a natural and effective treatment for severe and chronic pain which is what opioids are primarily prescribed for.

According to Green Rush Daily ” Warren is asking the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to research how medical and recreational marijuana might help alleviate the opioid epidemic.” We can now only hope that they are not bought out by big pharma and will reveal the truth.


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