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Smoke Cartel: High Quality Glass, Higher Quality Service


A new, online headshop, Smoke Cartel, is working to change the stereotypical view of cannabis users. By offering an assortment of unique and elegant glass pieces, displayed proudly for all visitors to see, Smoke Cartel is helping to mainstream the marijuana accessories market; the stigma of a dingy, incense-infused store is disappearing like smoke.

While many ganja businesses use the internet to remain anonymous, Smoke Cartel decided to become transparent. The online headshop became the first to discuss the people and workings going on behind scenes, creating a trustworthy atmosphere where customers can shop for all of their glass needs, without receiving judgment or shame for their decisions to use marijuana.

Glass shopping made simple


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Walking into a headshop can be intimidating for many people. The seedy atmosphere of some shops, especially in states where legalization hasn’t been realized, ward off potential customers and add to the conventional thinking that cannabis users are lazy,…

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