Smoking Games: Even When You Lose, You Win


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A great deal of focus within the marijuana community is placed correctly on critical endeavors like ending our nation’s weed prohibition or advancing the technology used in growing and extraction. With so much progress made already, it’s hard not to look ahead to a time where we’ve accomplished our objectives and can begin to focus on some of the lighter issues at enjoys looking ahead to the evolution of American culture and the inevitable transition from drinking games to smoking games. As the pungent stigma of marijuana dissipates and the masses realize that a night of weed consumption doesn’t leave you with a miserable hangover, the participation in smoking games will dominate the celebratory landscape. Let’s take this opportunity to fully prepare for such a glorious day by having a few games packed in the pipeline.

Bud Pong
Beer Pong is a summertime drinking staple at tailgates and backyard barbecues, so why not allow the game to evolve and adapt to our society’s newly-legal pastime?

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Instead of filling your cups with beer, fill the cups with water (hydration is healthy) and write random smoking challenges on the bottom of each cup. For instance, if Team A hits a bounce shot, one cup may instruct Team B to eat an edible or take a dab while another cup instructs them to roll a joint for Team A. Like Beer Pong, you can come up with your own house rules to amp up the competition; losing team could clean all the bongs, make a munchie run, etc. Be creative, make it your own, and Tweet us your Bud Pong House Rules.

No Limit “Toker” (Grower’s Poker)
For this stoner version of poker, you’ll need to invite over all your friends who have weed — this can’t be stressed enough. Toker isn’t a game for the moocher, so they can be the dealer or just watch from the corner until they get their weed game proper. You’ll need a digital scale, a deck of cards, and at least four weed-wielding friends. You can play any of your favorite poker games, as the weed essentially just replaces the currency used for wagering. Anytime the dealer is shuffling, including before the game officially begins, all players must match on a community fatty to be passed around. Once the game gets going, the digital scale becomes necessary, as everyone will need to weigh their bets.

Courtesy of StateOfWeed

Courtesy of StateOfWeed

Depending on how much weed everyone brings to the table, you can set your blinds accordingly. For example, you can start slow with .05g/.1g blinds so your ending “pot pots” end up being in the 1-2g range. Once everyone has the hang of things, up your ante and try to snatch your homie’s stash. You can customize the game to your liking, possibly incorporating dabs and edibles into the wagering mix to keep things interesting. In theory, the winner is whoever ends up with all the weed, but let’s be honest — there are no losers in the friendly game of Toker.

Have You Ever Played Video Games… On Weed?
Video games have been a friend of the stoner since the beginning of time, that’s no secret. But as video games have evolved, so too should the way we incorporate smoking weed with them. There are many ways you can do this, but it works best with simple, competitive games; we recommend party games like Mario Party/Kart or Super Smash Brothers, but sports games work really well, too. We’ll teach you how to transform both a classic game and a modern one into a smoking game, depending on what you’re working with console-wise.


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If you’re playing a party game like Super Smash Brothers, it’s quite simple to weed-ify. Every time you someone gets knocked off the battlefield, they take a hit, dab, bite of the edible, etc. The eventual loser of the match will also take a hit. Penalties are doubled for players that choose weak-ass characters like Kirby, or if a player is knocked out by one of their opponent’s special moves or a game-provided item.

If you’re playing sports games with your friends, smoking can be incorporated very easily. Let’s say you’re playing Madden, which provides the most opportunities for stoppage of play (you’ll see why that matters). If your crew has pretty high tolerances, use the following smoking guide and see who’s still upright by the time the 4th quarter ends.

  • If Team A scores a field goal, Team B takes one hit or dab. If a touchdown is scored, two hits.
  • If a penalty is assessed, the offending player must take one hit.
  • If there is a turnover, the player who lost the ball must take two hits.
  • During the two-minute warning each half, players must take a hit before selecting their play.
  • If someone calls a timeout in the first half, they must take one hit. In the second half, two hits.
  • You can wager part of your stash on the game, or loser has to roll the winner a blunt/joint.

It’s All Games and Fun Until You Hit 81
In 2012, Snoop Dogg did a Reddit AMA to promote his Snoop Lion reggae project, which was releasing around that time. One Redditor asked Snoop what everyone was really wondering.

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 4.16.36 PM

If Snoop wasn’t already considered a finalist for the Mount Kushmore of Stoners, this miraculous feat would surely cement his standing. The only thing left to do after Snoop set the benchmark was to turn it into a game.

To make it interesting, we’ll be incorporating another famous 81 from the Los Angeles area; Kobe Bryant’s incredible 81-point barrage against the Toronto Raptors in 2006. Get a few friends together who enjoy Snoop’s music, love basketball, and have weed on deck. Establish a rotation, fire up a video of the Black Mamba’s best game ever, and every time Kobe scores someone takes a hit.

Whether you pass around a Snoop-recommended blunt, take dabs, or mix in an edible doesn’t matter. What’s imperative is that someone takes a rip every time Kobe scores a point. Yes, this means if Bryant shoots a three-pointer, friends A, B, and C must all take their turn in the rotation, otherwise your team won’t reach the end goal of 81 hits, and the Doggfather will be disappointed.


If you’re wondering if Snoop and Kobe have ever played 81, take a look at the Laker legend’s eyes in the above picture and see for yourself.

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