Social Influencers Are The New Billboards For Cannabis Companies


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Getting the word out about cannabis has been going on for decades. It’s out there. But getting attention for a particular company or brand is a lot trickier. The level of restriction on alcohol and tobacco advertising are nothing compared to the hoops cannabis businesses have to jump through.

Unfair restrictions

In California, medical marijuana can be advertised, but has to include a specific notice to consumers. Rules in other states, like Colorado, prevent ads from reaching an audience that could potentially be more than 30% underage, which is next to impossible. Billboards, newspaper ads, mailers, and flyers also face similar restrictions.

As those laws can change from legal state to legal state, it can make building a business quite a headache.

Internet restrictions are even more painful. Most of today’s big ad spending isn’t for television or radio anymore; it is for search engine optimization. SEO leads customers to your site by placing it at the top of a list…

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