Spliffigami: How To Roll A Braided Joint


There is something about smoking some grass between rolled papers that you can’t get from using a pipe or a bong. Smoking a joint can be a pseudo-sacred act between users (especially when lighting up a cross joint). Good joint rollers are few and far between. Legend has it that the spirit of an ancient medicine man resides in every joint roller to aid him in medicating his kin. Constructing a smokeable joint is a good skill to have for any situation, so in this segment, we’re going to give you some tips on rollin’ a crazy joint. Today’s focus is essentially three joints rolled into one, the Braided Joint.

Step 1: Roll your three individual joints

Three joints (hand rolled cannabis cigarettes).
Three joints (hand rolled cannabis cigarettes).
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Yes, that’s right, the first step is to roll basic joints before you get into rolling fancy ones. This is the first type of joint you need to learn how to roll. The main idea here is to grind some weed, put it in some rolling paper (gum-side up), roll it up to the gum, lick the gum, seal the joint. There are many shortcuts on…

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