Spliffigami: How To Roll A Dutch Tulip

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Welcome back! It’s time for another Spliffigami creation. Last week we showed you how to roll a scorpion joint. This week we’re showing you how to roll a Dutch Tulip, courtesy of Daily Smoker. This spliff is one for the non-purists as it typically has a mixture of cannabis and tobacco. But of course, by all means feel free to make it with just cannabis. We always encourage people do try their own take on anything we post here. 

So let’s see how we roll that baby.  I am going to skip over the part where you cut up the weed into an even mixture because everyone can cut weed. I will break this up into a bunch of small steps to help with creating this beauty.

You’ll need: rolling papers, cannabis, cardboard (roach), and a little bit of time

Step 1: The beginning

Make a square shape out of your rolling papers. Depending on the paper, you can cut them down, or put 2 or 3 together, you can do it if you think creatively.

Step 2: The cone

Fold the paper diagonally, but leave the gum exposed. You’ll need…

To learn how to finish it click here

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