Spliffigami: How To Roll A Scorpion Joint


Want to impress your friends? Try rolling a kick-ass scorpion joint, with the help of this how-to video tutorial from Keepin’ it High. Our first Spliffigami we featured was the braid. This one a little more challenging. Hell its a lot more challenging, but we thought we would crank it up a couple notches for 420. 

Alright, let’s get to it.

What you need

Assemble the following: Scissors, Fast Food flyer from your mailbox, Needlenose tweezers, rolling papers, king size rolling papers, Honey oil/keef or both, and some good bud.

Step 1: The body

Using your king size rolling papers, roll a fat joint. Like I mean a fat one. For those of you who have forgotten how to roll joints, here is a quick recap:

Step 1: Break down your cannabis.

Step 2: Choose your paper & make a filter.

Step 3: Shape the joint.

Step 4: Press it down.

Step 5: Roll it.

Step 6: Tack it & lick it.

Step 7: Pack it.

Once you are done rolling it, tie it off or leave it open depending on how long you want your tail to be.  If you are ok with a…

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