Stoned Insider Review: The Thunder 2 Wax Pen


The original ZEUS Thunder pen was an immensely popular vape pen. With the Thunder 2, ZEUS is looking to recreate the magic, and impressively enough, they largely manage to do so. The Thunder 2 wax pen is a great wax vaporizer, and offers several important improvements over the original Thunder.

This time around, the Thunder 2 focuses exclusively on wax. This limits the pen’s flexibility and versatility, but by focusing on one specialty, rather than trying to be a jack of all trades, the pen is able to deliver a better wax vaping experience. The Thunder 2 is a sleek and attractive vaporizer, and is comfortable both in hand and pocket. Build quality is also excellent, and despite the affordable price tag, the Thunder 2 has a luxurious feel to it.

The Thunder 2 is very easy to use. There’s only one button, and to turn the device on, you simply have to quickly press the button five times. Once the device is on, you simply press and hold the button down to engage the heating element. To load wax, ZEUS provides you with a special loading tool that you can use to load wax or concentrate directly onto the heating plate.

As is the case with many wax pens, you don’t have any control over temperature. This limits flexibility, but also makes the pen easier to use and allows it to be more compact. Equipped with a ceramic plate heating element, opposed to an exposed coil like most wax devices, the Thunder 2 offers an excellent wax experience.

The Thunder 2 features full and smooth vapor, and even flavoring. The vapor is very predictable and consistent. If you’re buying a wax pen, you’re probably concerned with portability and discretion. When it comes to battery life, the Thunder 2 offers plenty of juice, able to run continuously for about an hour. If you’re just using the Thunder 2 here and there for some quick puffs, it can easily last a few days.


Given its pen design, the Thunder 2 won’t be drawing a lot of unwanted attention, either. A lot of people will probably just assume that it’s a pen or standard e-cig if they see it hanging out of your pocket. There is, however, a glass shield that could break if mishandled – so treat it with respect!


All-in- all the Thunder 2 is a great choice for vaporizing on the go.  While you’ll be limited to just concentrates with this unit, its ease-of-use and the high quality of the vapor produced make the Thunder 2 a great choice regardless. Add in its long battery life, and a great design, and it’s easy to see why the ZEUS Thunder 2 is becoming such a popular choice.

You can find the ZEUS Thunder 2 wax pen, and other great vaporizers at Vaporizera.

The Good: he Thunder 2 is an excellent, well-constructed wax pen vaporizer that offers flavorful vapor and a long battery life.

The Bad: The Thunder 2 can be used only to vaporize wax/ concentrates and does not feature any heat control.

Bottom Line: The Thunder 2 is an excellent choice for people looking for a portable wax vaporizer that is sleek and sexy. Affordable and well- built, the Thunder 2 offers an excellent, easy and flavorful vaporizing experience.


  • Ceramic plate provides excellent vaporizing experience
  • Portable, luxurious design
  • Easy to load, maintain and use


  • No way to control temperature
  • Can only be used with wax
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