Study Reveals Shocking Link Between Cannabis Use And Emotions

In an attempt to gain a deeper understanding of marijuana’s effect on the brain and human emotions, a team of researchers from Colorado State University began a study over two years ago, monitoring 73 users. By the end of the program, the study size dwindled to 70, and usage levels were self-reported, leaving room for error and speculation by skeptics of the research.

Dr. Lucy Troup led a team of scientists through years of collecting and testing information, hoping to figure out how cannabis alters a human’s emotional responses. After calculating the data and reaching a satisfactory answer, Dr. Troup has finally revealed her astounding results.

Emotional stability

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Volunteers reported whether they were heavy, moderate or non-users of cannabis prior to participation, and agreed to have their brain activity monitored by an EEG machine, used to detect the slightest change in sensory, cognitive or motor function activity. The machine monitored changes directly caused by P3 event-related potentials…

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