Study: States With Medical Marijuana Observe Decline in Sick Time Taken By Employees


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Increasing productivity and profitability from coast-to-coast, a new study indicates employees in states with medical marijuana laws enjoy a reduced rate of absenteeism, due to illness.Published by Wiley Online Library, Darin F. Ullman, a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, discovered the beneficial effect of medical marijuana on the working masses. Noting the most dramatic decrease in employee sick time was reserved for those states with an older, male, full-time workforce.

Per the July 2016 study, a linear probability model (LPM) was utilized to extract the facts. The LPM tests for results at the individual level, as well as the outcome of subgroups “most likely affected by medical marijuana legalization (MML).”

Conclusion: With current estimates indicating the total loss from America’s absentee worker force in the U.S. costs American industries approximately $24 billion a year, this new study implies states that have embraced medical marijuana legalization will enjoy an overall increase in production and a decrease in their cost of doing business.

Most remarkable in this July 2016 study was the overall reduction in sick time taken by those in “age and gender groups” most often linked with medical marijuana patients.

Long praised for its medicinal ability to help those suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, Glaucoma, Epilepsy, Cancer, Crohn’s Disease, HIV, and Chronic Pain, the acceptance of both medical and recreational marijuana may soon find our country healing the economy, as well as our mind, body and souls with the once demonized plant.

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