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Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 1.14.53 PMAs one of the premier bands in marijuana culture, Sublime with Rome has a strong reputation to uphold. When it came time to find a partner to collaborate with on a signature strain, there was only one name the band could ultimately trust — WonderBrett. This SoCal standout has been wowing connoisseurs for years with their well-rounded approach, using award winning genetics and precise growing techniques to bring their clientele a consistent, complex product that impresses every time.

Already fans of both collaborators, we couldn’t wait to try their new creation Orange Dynamite Stick. You can read our full review of this beautiful addition to the WonderBrett collection here. We had the opportunity to chat with frontman Rome and Brett, the master grower behind WonderBrett, about Orange Dynamite Stick and a range of other topics. Check out the full interview below, and head to one of the dispensaries below to pick up some WonderBrett Orange Dynamite Stick today.

Santa Ana: 420 Central
San Diego: Buddiez
W. Hollywood: AHHSWEHO What were you guys looking for in a signature strain, as far as smell, taste, etc.?

Rome: Not to come in hot, but we met with a lot of people, some real badass growers. It was definitely Brett’s attention to detail that put him above the rest for us. Obviously, his weed is fucking fire, but it was his attention to detail with growing that was key for us. When it came to making a strain with Brett we wanted to come original with a different angle. Everyone is jumping in the game and throwing their name on a plant, but barely any of those people are actual cannabis users or at least put in the time that we do. I’ve been smoking marijuana for damn near half my life, so it’s a serious thing to me and the band. When we got together with Brett, we were like, “Alright, let’s not make another OG.” [laughs]That’s what everyone does, they make an OG because it has a good nose. We wanted to come up with something that was unique in the marketplace that still had a bomb ass nose on it; something that will help you chill and relax, maybe even hype you up a little bit. That’s why we wanted to use Bubble Gum as the main component, then Brett mixed in some of the special sauce, and we got Orange Dynamite Stick. We’re stoked on it, man.

Brett: We wanted to do something really special for Sublime with Rome, they’re such a historic band. We had to do something that does them justice, with how legendary they are. They’re the Rolling Stones of Ska, it’s pretty epic.

M: I saw a photo on Rome’s Twitter of you guys trimming some of the Orange Dynamite Stick back in May. How long have you guys been developing this strain?

Brett: Yeah, that was the first plant that had come down. We trimmed it together and did a tasting to solidify that this was the strain we wanted to work with. We’ve been doing this for a while, as far as planning it. A lot of other people just take whatever strain they grow the most of and put it out, whereas we actually made this strain; took the time to grow it, test it, and agree that this was something really, really good. It took this long, almost a year process, to do that. That’s what it takes to do it right. We do this for real when a lot of the other collaborations are like, “Oh here, this is what we got.” We created this exclusive strain with them that no one else has. This is one of a kind.

M: How many different batches did you have to go through before you had a final product?

Brett: Luckily, I was doing a lot of breeding a when Rome and I struck this conversation up. I met him at a friend’s house and he was blown away by the WonderBrett brand’s quality. He said the band had been wanting to collaborate with somebody but hadn’t found anybody that they liked enough to work with. Because I had already been breeding, I was able to say, “Hey, there’s all these strains I’ve created that I’m testing. We could start to pick from them.” I had foreseen this scenario before, it was a service I wanted to offer people; like if Willie Nelson approached me and wanted a custom strain nobody else had. I wanted to have something in the bank I could pull out that nobody else could. At that time period, I had been testing about eight strains I had crossed. We tried a bunch of different ones, and this just happened to be the one that became Orange Dynamite Stick. It just had that citrus flavor and we already wanted to use that name. They had something orange in mind already, color-wise, so it worked out perfectly.

M: Of the eight strains you mentioned you were testing, are they all different, or were you testing multiple hybrids of one specific strain?

Brett: We had crossed the Frisco Cookies with a few strains, and we had crossed the Pineapple OG with a few different strains as well. Those were the two males we used to spread things across. The Frisco Cookies crossed into the Bubble Gum, which gave us the Orange Dynamite. We also crossed it into the Strawberry Bubble Gum, but we don’t have a name for that yet. That’s an unreleased strain. We have all of these great unreleased strains; it’s like the ammo in the vault.

M: How would someone go about getting a custom strain from you?

Brett: It would have to be a collaboration we really want to do with somebody. It’s not something we’d offer for anybody. This is kind of going to be one of those things that just comes out of the blue, kind of a sneak attack. It’s only going to three shops, so the people who are paying attention are going to get it. The people who don’t are gonna hear, “sold out.”

M: Rome, what was your initial reaction to the packaging?

Rome: Gorgeous. Brett has always had packaging on lock, it’s eye-popping. People see Brett’s boxes and already know what’s inside is going to be great. That strong branding was important to us. It has to stand out. In California, you can find good weed on any shelf. So then it becomes striving for excellence and bringing a brand people can trust. When it came to making the Orange Dynamite Stick with WonderBrett, we wanted it to be great weed, but also tie in visually because artwork was such a huge component of Sublime’s music and culture. It only made sense to team up with someone who cares about the same values.

M: We love to pair strains of weed with music, so what are some songs that work well with the high Orange Dynamite Stick provides?

Rome: I would say “Skankin to the Beat” by Fishbone, or you can hear our rendition on the last album Sirens. Then I’d probably go with “Bring The Noise,” a little Public Enemy. What about you, Brett?

Brett: “Hits From the Bong” by Cypress Hill.

Rome: There you go, perfect.

Brett: Sometimes you just have to go with the classics. That Peter Tosh.

Rome: It’s a timeless strain, Bubble Gum has been around for a minute, but nobody has really tapped into it and made a popular strain.

Brett: We definitely put our spin on it by crossing with Frisco Cookies. It gave it that orange soda flavor.

Rome: Tastes like Sunkist!

Brett: Yeah, I love that flavor.

M: Besides the obvious places like Colorado and California, where do you find the best weed on tour?

Rome: I’m in Victoria, British Columbia right now. I just walked into a store and bought like seven grams of whatever they had. Looks alright, nothing crazy. Toronto has bomb ass weed. New York has been changing the game, now that they’re getting more from the west coast than ever. You can find good bud pretty much anywhere in the states, as opposed to even like seven years ago when we’d count the days til we got back to the west coast. Now fans will come up and give us bud they’re growing in Montana or wherever and it’s pretty bomb shit.

Brett: They got some of that chronic up there, eh?

Rome: [laughs]It’s no WonderBrett. It’ll do, though.

M: I saw you were going on tour in Asia soon, how difficult is it to “secure the bag” over there?

Rome: It’s extremely illegal over there. Sometimes you’ll find some on the street or someone will come through at a show. That’s just how it goes in some places, unfortunately, and you have to drink a little more.

M: It seems like it takes longer for some of the peripheral products like extracts to find their way east.

Rome: Yeah, there’s definitely a learning curve. California has been at the forefront of the wax industry for years, to the point where we’d pull it out in other places and people would ask, “what the fuck is that?” We told them to give it a couple years, and now look where we are.

M: Will there be an Orange Dynamite Stick concentrate?

Rome: 100%, I think Brett has already started to press some rosin down. I haven’t had the chance to try it yet, but I’m sure when it’s right Brett will bring some by.

M: Have you used a hard press or dabbed flower rosin before? The technique is really exploding in popularity.

Rome: Yeah, flower rosin is amazing.

M: Brett, what kind of concentrate do you foresee Orange Dynamite Stick being available in?

Brett: We’re going to do all of the concentrate forms; we’ll have rosin, live resin, BHO, anything in demand. We focus on what the people really want and bring it to them. If people want really high-grade seven-star rosin or ice hash wax, that’s what we’ll give them. We make the best.

M: Can we get an Orange Dynamite Stick soda?

Rome: That’d be rad.

Brett: Hmmm, we’ll have to send you a commission on that idea.

Rome: We already have the Orange Dynamite chocolate bar with Dixie Elixirs, so that would go nicely.

Brett: The flower, the wax, the chocolate bar, and the drink? That’s the Orange Dynamite lifestyle.

Rome: Straight Up.

M: Will fans be able to get this exclusive Orange Dynamite Stick artwork on merch at some point?

Rome: We’ll definitely do a line of merch, Brett’s already mocked up some shirt ideas and I’ve been throwing some ideas for different pieces around. Definitely be on the lookout for strain-inspired merch!

M: Who was lucky enough to try the strain along the way while you guys were testing?

Rome: We did a family and friends run, and the reviews have been fucking insane. I’ve been giving it to people who don’t even really smoke and not told them it was our strain or anything. I would just tell them to smoke it and let me know what they think, looking for that real honest opinion. The feedback was priceless.

M: How far do you think the marijuana industry has come in the last few years, and where do you see it going in the near future?

Rome: It’s grown, we can all see that. I like to think it’s grown in the right direction, seeing as how people can consume more freely now. Hopefully, in the future, I’d like to see marijuana legalized in all 50 states for recreational and medicinal purposes. Some people think you can’t have both; I think we can find a viable solution if we put our heads together.

M: What do you expect the reaction from your fans to be over the strain?

Rome: I expect it to be stellar, man. We have a very cannabis-enthused fan base so everyone seems to be hip to what we’re doing. I’m very vocal on social media about what we do, so I think our fans will see it as an experience to jump into. If we ever get to a point where we can sell our strain at shows, it would add a whole new way for fans to connect with us.

M: Was that the idea behind the strain, creating a more immersive listening experience for the fan?

Rome: Totally, being as high as we are on stage while hearing the music in the moment will be the next turning point in the industry. If I was a kid and could go see Rancid, smoking the same weed they were, I would’ve felt so much more connected to the experience. It adds a whole new level of interaction for fans.

M: Do you eat edibles?


Courtesy of Dixie Elixirs

Rome: I do, I like chocolate and the gummies. Personally, it has to be done just right flavor-wise. I’m not a big fan of how cannabis tastes. That’s why we teamed up with Dixie for our bars, flavor comes first in everything they make. Our Orange bar with them is pretty much the only thing I eat for edibles. It’s become a dessert for me when it really shouldn’t [laughs].

M: Yeah, you end up eating way more dessert.

Rome: I end up eating a whole bar before bed and then I don’t wake up until 11 the next day.

M: Obviously, teaming up with WonderBrett, you care about a premium smoking experience. Are you worried about “Big Marijuana” coming in and watering down the market?

Rome: The cream will always rise to the top. I’m a huge believer that if you continually focus on the quality of the product and being earnest to the people who support you, you’ll be positioned for longevity. We’re not in it to make a quick buck, we’re not in it to put our name on cash that we can print and wash away next year. We’re strictly in it to establish our presence in the community and show people that this is something that’s been a huge part of the band, both musically and personally. For us, it’s more important if we do it right, hang in there and do it step-by-step. It’s not a marathon, it’s a sprint. If we stay true to our quality, people will stick with us. That’s how I am.

M: Do you foresee your customers being mainly Sublime fans that seek out the strain, or dispensary shoppers that come across it?

Rome: I think it’ll be a combination of both. There will always be an underlying element of fan appreciation and support, but with time the quality of the weed will prove itself and people will then be able to just connect with the product. It’s a win both ways.

M: Do you want to expand to more strains?

Rome: That’s the plan eventually. We’d like to have a whole shelf of Brett’s magic but we’re just going to focus on one thing at a time and doing it the best we can. From there it’ll grow.

M: What’s your favorite thing to do while stoned?

Rome: I love Grand Theft Auto. I’ll play GTA any time, any day of the week. After I get high, I love going into the studio, making a track, and seeing what happens.

M: Have you written anything while on the Orange Dynamite Stick yet?

Rome: Honestly, I just got the strain a couple of days before we hit the road so I haven’t been in the studio yet. When I get back for sure, though.

M: Maybe we’ll see a whole Orange Dynamite Stick-inspired album.

Rome: That’s the plan. We’ll be locked in the studio working on new stuff for the next couple months, so of course we’ll be smoking on our new shit.

Brett: That’ll be awesome.

M: This month is the 20th anniversary of Sublime’s self-titled album. What did that album mean to you, then and now?

Rome: Man, twenty years. I was eight years old when that album dropped. I was a little bit late to the train because I didn’t hear Sublime until I was twelve, but hearing them opened the door for what I’m doing today, even before I knew it. That album got me into playing music in general, transitioned from a listener to a player. To come full circle and be fronting the band twenty years later, performing these songs across the world, is a constant reminder that we’re doing something right. Whatever anybody tells you when you’re a kid, don’t listen and keep going.

M: I first heard Sublime on the Dave Mirra BMX video game soundtrack, but being from California you probably heard them before that.

Rome: Yeah, my uncle used to go see them all the time when they’d play house parties. When I was of age, he sat me down and gave me the CD like a Bible. He said, “Listen to this, it’s going to change your life.”

M: Little did he know — or maybe he did know?

Rome: [laughs]Nah, I don’t think he knew.

Courtesy of Dixie Elixirs

Courtesy of Dixie Elixirs

This year marked 20 years that have passed since the world lost Bradley Nowell, a generational talent that continues to bring smiles to people’s faces even today. It’s an important reminder of how far we’ve progressed as a society with regards to marijuana reform, but also that we still have a devastating opiate crisis to conquer. Every time weed culture advances and evolves, we move one step closer to ending the epidemic because it gives people a viable option. While amazing products like this make it fun for the fans to get involved, they’re also really important for the advancement of weed’s public perception, which goes a long way in breaking down longstanding stereotypes. For example, you probably view a wine tasting or craft beer flight differently than you view some cheap bottle that smells like rubbing alcohol. Let’s celebrate cannabis going through the same evolution by supporting creativity like this collaboration within the industry.



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