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The Super Silver Haze is a well-known, classic marijuana strain that led to some big changes in the commercial marijuana business. Created by the Greenhouse Seed Company, it became famous in the Netherlands marijuana world in the late ‘90’s. It was a huge deal at the time because it brought about the rise of Sativa-dominant strains of marijuana.


Super Silver Haze profile

Creator: Greenhouse Seed Company
Genetics: 75% Sativa, 25% Indica
Origins: A combination of Northern Lights/Neville’s Haze and Skunk/Neville’s Haze
Flowering: 56 – 63 days
Outdoor harvest: late October


More than your average award-winner

The truly remarkable thing about the Super Silver Haze strain is that it, like many other excellent strains, has won a few awards — and yet, the more impressive thing about this strain is the fact that it has remained a top shelf choice for decades. Many of the best strains earn numerous awards, gain tons of hype, and then fade into the background as new strains have taken their place.


It was not so with the Super Silver Haze, however. It wins, and it wins award after award, continuing its massive popularity throughout the decades. But why is the Super Silver Haze so superior to any of its predecessors or the other upcoming strains of marijuana? What makes it so unique?


As with any high-quality strain of marijuana, it all started with top-notch genetics. The hybrid that created the Super Silver haze includes, of course, the haze family. This family is known for getting users as high as any strain will, bringing people back to the days of getting truly high rather than the more subduing effects of Indica strains heavy in CBD.


The reason strains in the haze family weren’t normally grown was that it wasn’t an easy feat. They were typically tall and skinny with lengthy flowering phases, making it a frustrating endeavor altogether. The first growable version of the haze family, produced through generations of hybridization, was the Super Silver Haze strain. It created a version that had the goods of the haze family (the strong high) without the bads (the lanky plant structure).


Somehow it’s 25% indica is just enough to balance out some of the downsides of the Haze Sativas, but not enough to overpower the high you generally get with a haze. That 25% even has a positive effect on the high itself — instead of going too far and getting to an uncomfortable feeling that comes with being too high, the indica portion helps balance it out to retain a more reasonable level of high.


Easier to grow with higher yields

Essentially the Super Silver Haze has a shorter flowering period and yet a higher yield than its predecessors. Despite the fact that haze strains usually end up with a smaller yield than other varieties, the Super Silver Haze has counterbalanced that. The shorter flowering phase also helps keep growers sane while trying to grow it, limiting it to between nine and eleven weeks long.


Part of the reason the flowering phase is shorter with the Super Silver Haze is the fact that the pre-flowering stage does not include quite as much of a major growth spurt that occurs with many other types of strains. This is also a plus because it means that the plant won’t shoot upwards to as tall of heights as with other strains. This means you can grow these plants in a wider variety of locations, seeing as they are shorter plants.


Another downside to the other haze options out there is that they usually have a less pleasant taste, resembling something more like actual grass than anything else, making them less easily enjoyed by most modern smokers of marijuana. The perfect hybrid that is the Super Silver Haze, however, counterbalances this and gives its buds a floral and somewhat sweet taste. It is easily recognizable and considered quite pleasant among its users.


The Super Silver Haze family

There are some other strains that are connected to the Super Silver Haze strain, such as the Silver Haze. They say that the Champagne Haze stain is also a cousin of the Super Silver Haze, as is the very popular Amnesia Haze. There are a number of other strains that are essentially just versions of the Super Silver Haze, identified by its distinct taste and smell.


Robert Bergman has been on a personal journey of creating the perfect cannabis seeds for the last 20 years and through this has gathered extensive knowledge growing marijuana. Now it’s time to give back and shares this know how through and Bergman’s Lab to help growers to get the most of their plant.

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