Sweet Dreams #1: Can Marijuana Prevent Dreams?


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Have your dreams stopped since you started smoking marijuana? There’s more to the story than you might think. In this first segment of our Sweet Dreams series, we’re going to examine one important question: can marijuana prevent dreams? 

Can marijuana stop dreams?

You may have noticed that marijuana can really knock you out. A few puffs of a strong indica before bed, and the next thing you know its daylight and you’ve nearly slept through your alarm. Yet, can this powerful sleep aid cause you to sleep so hard that you don’t even dream? It sure looks that way. To understand marijuana’s impact on our ability to dream, we need to take a closer look into our sleep cycles.

Understanding sleep cycles

When we sleep, we go through four primary stages of sleep. Each of these phases occurs in about a 90-minute sleep cycle. During any given night, we go through four or five sleep cycles. Each phase has a specific function during the sleep cycle.

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