Ta Da! Here’s The 6 Most Popular Ways To Consume Cannabis


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Ahh, cannabis! By far the most popular recreational substance in the world, at least behind socially legal ones like alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine. But what is the most popular form of use? Well, guess what, someone did a study on that, too.

How people prefer to partake

The study found that the breakdown of peoples’ preferred method of ingestions is:

  1. Joints (89%)
  2. Bong, Waterpipe, Hookah (49%)
  3. Bowl or Pipe (48%)
  4. Edible or Drink (30%)
  5. Blunt (25%)
  6. Vaporizer or Electronic Device (10%)

Take a look at that and I’m sure you realize that it adds up to far more than 100%. The study finds that a large number – 44% – use more than one method.

What this data means


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By far, the most popular method to ingest cannabis is with a joint. This could have to do with it being the easiest method to grasp for new smokers. Another factor could be that joints don’t require paraphernalia. They are easier to roll than blunts and generally require less weed.

Vaporizers, on the other hand, have the…

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