Tech-Savvy Cops Use The Internet To Smash Illegal Sales


Cannabis dealers operating in the black market of Denver, Colorado might soon find their businesses diminishing, as local police are now actively searching for illegal ads on Craigslist and Facebook. Recreational marijuana use is legal in the state, however, purchasing or selling herb via the internet is not. Only licensed dispensaries are permitted to sell cannabis, and the police force is set on ensuring that is how all transactions happen.

More than 700 ads are listed on the Denver Craigslist page promoting the illegal distribution of cannabis, in exchange for “donations,” a clever way of explaining the price without directly communicating a sale. While many might not see an issue with a saturated cannabis market, responding to these ads can lead to dangerous consequences, and now even jail time, as Denver Police begin posting undercover ads.


On Thursday, Denver Police confirmed that they do, in fact, search through the thousands of ads posted on websites, likes Craigslist and

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