The Best Weed-Inspired Holiday Gifts for Every Type of Person


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This holiday season, you’re more likely than ever to be buying a marijuana-themed present for someone on your list, thanks to the several states that voted to legalize in some form on Election Day. Hell yeah! While the older generation has a long way to go to get over its hang-ups, it’s time for the rest of us to cash in on all the epic canna-business and cannabis-inspired products hitting the market! These gifts are perfect for you and every type of person who’s on your list, and many can be purchased on the Internet, from the comfort of your chill zone! Dole these out and we guarantee everyone will have a happy high-liday.

When foam-rolling isn’t enough for sore muscles, CBD and THC extracts do the trick. That’s why this Lord Jones Pain and Wellness Formula Body Lotion offers soothing (non-psychoactive) relief from all those hours spent in the weight room. Plus, the formula is super-hydrating, which is a must in cold weather.

Though you can’t physically bring your closest couch potato homies the warm and fuzzy feeling of pizza delivery when they need it most, this Warming Foot Massager from Sharper Image works just fine. At $49.99, you can treat their feet to a vibrated zen sesh.

Let’s not mince words. Foria products are the weed product right now. The company makes cannabis lubes, suppositories, and menstrual cramp-relief products, which should elucidate why Foria is absolutely killing it. Plus, the black and gold packaging is luxxxe. This 30ml Foria Pleasure lubricant spray bottle paired with Foria Explore suppositories goes for $96 in California.

SALE THC molecule necklace Marijuana necklace 14K gold necklace chemistry jewelry chemistry necklace molecule necklace

This 14K gold Molecule necklace is available on Etsy for only $38.31 and features a dainty representation of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It’s perfect for the science nut who wants to be subtle about their affinity for cannabis.

Image result for leafs by snoop chocolate barsLeafs by Snoop (LBS) is a brand of premiere cannabis products from music icon and MERRY JANE founder Snoop Dogg. Prices vary, and it’s only available in Colorado, but his line of dark chocolate bar edibles feature luxury cocoa wrapped in eye-catching packaging. Are they reason enough to move to Colorado? We think so.

This 247Skins console skin goes for just $5.19 on Amazon and is the perfect way to make your gaming experience 420-friendly. One reviewer even describes it as “vibrant and detailed.” It’s the next best thing to just having a bunch of nugs resting on your console.

PAX vapes are basically the MacBook Airs of vaporizers. From the PAX 2 ($199.99), to the smaller PAX Era ($59.99), to the about-to-be-released PAX 3 ($274.99), each sleek, stylish vape offers a seamless experience with either flower or concentrate. This is the perfect gift for any tech-loving smoker looking to take their ritual to higher heights or add a little elegance to their experience.


The fashion world squealed with delight when Alexander Wang debuted his Fall/Winter ’16 line that was totally weed-inspired. The collection is now ready-to-wear and has been seen on stars like Margot Robbie, who wore his pot leaf lace dress on SNL in October. This Mini Rockie Handbag with leaf print retails for $390 (down from $650) and may drop further in price with seasonal sales.

Image result for To Whom It May Chocolates

To Whom It May chocolates offers high-end edibles that operate on a Godiva level. Perfectly arranged in a beautiful box, a tray of four delicious treats retails for $30.

Wanna put last year’s SodaStream to shame? The Levo is a must-have kitchen gadget for any DIY weed chef! For $139.99, this gorgeous countertop appliance makes oil infusion easy. Just insert herb, oil (or butter), and set the timer. Pretty soon, a mason jar-size dose of weed butter or oil will be ready to be used in any edible recipe your heart desires!

The NFL doesn’t have the healthiest attitude when it comes to weed, but you still can! This Broncos-themed keef box goes for $90 on Etsy and features some dope woodwork. No worries if the recipient is not a Broncos fan—TreasureTribeArt is available to make any custom stash box, featuring their favorite team.

Ring Pipe Blue

For some, it’s important that their piece fit in with the rest of their decor. The curtains should match the drapes, as should your bong! These Tetra Ring Pipes go for $150, and sit beautifully on a mid-century modern coffee table in their ombre glory.

Have to fulfill a $20 gift limit for someone you barely know at the office for the annual White Elephant? These 24K gold rolling papers by Shine are the perfect pick. They’re glitzy, covert, and come in right at budget!


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