The Big Benefits Of Eating Marijuana Rather Than Smoking It


Many marijuana users are wondering if it’s better eating marijuana as pot edibles instead of smoking it. What’s behind the interest in marijuana edibles? Sure, smoking marijuana is the fastest way to deliver THC and other cannabinoids into your body and mind. But some people are tired of coughing, throats hurting, having to buy and use pipes, bongs, or vaporizers. The smell of smoked marijuana, or a big cloud of marijuana smoke, brings unwanted attention that can harm your privacy and freedom. 

Salvage operation

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Making pot edibles is a good way to salvage THC from trim, defective buds and other harvested marijuana that usually goes to waste because it’s not good enough to toke. The same can be said for putting inferior marijuana materials into alcohol to extract THC. However,those aren’t the only reasons more and more marijuana smokers are starting to eat marijuana instead of toking it.

Eating marijuana: The benefits


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It’s also because eating marijuana gives you a different…

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