The Brilliant Carl Sagan On Why “The Illegality Of Cannabis Is Outrageous”


Author, explorer and humanitarian, Carl Sagan was one of the most brilliant scientists of his time. He worked tirelessly, advocating exploration of space, human knowledge and peace on Earth. Until recently, many remained unaware that Carl Sagan was also an advocate of the psychoactive properties found in cannabis.

Much like today’s time, Sagan chose to write this paper under the pen name “Mr. X,” due to the penalties associated with coming out as a marijuana user. Throughout the piece, Sagan explores the many benefits and uses of herb and provides theories of how it might affect the human brain. Little did he know, years later, many of his ideas would be proven correct. Read the full “Mr. X” here.

Begin at the beginning

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Carl Sagan starts this epic essay with a recount of his first experiences with cannabis, and the strong visuals he had during each “trip”. After the all-too-familiar let down of not getting high the first time, Sagan said it took him five or six sessions before finally…

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