The Cannabis Company Donating $1 Million To Pro-Recreation Campaign


In California, there is a scramble for the ballot dozens of initiatives are fighting to get on the November ticket to legalize recreational marijuana in the biggest state market out there. One new company, KUSH, is putting its money where its mouth is, and fronting some serious cash to help one measure succeed where so many have already failed.

Down to the wire

Already, over 27 ballot initiatives have been filed for November. Not a single one has qualified. With the clock ticking, there are only 2 options left to get recreational adult use passed this year. One is the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA) which is over 60 pages long and has many legalization proponents irritated. The other is the 2016 Marijuana Control Legalization Revenue Act (MCLR), which is only a single page in length, and simply worded.

With the failure in 2010 still in the hearts of California cannabis-enthusiasts, getting a measure on the ballot that will garner the solid support of the clear majority of pro-marijuana voters

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