The corpse flower of weed: 5 super stinky pot strains


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Written by Jake Browne
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Thanks to the Denver Botanic Gardens, the stinkiest flower in Colorado won’t be found at one of the state’s many marijuana shops for once. Excitement over the corpse flower hit a fever pitch in Denver this summer as the giant, putrid-smelling bloom released its fetor on crowds of surprisingly willing onlookers (check out the time-lapse bloom video below).

Over the years of purchasing and reviewing marijuana, I’ve come across a number of strains that assaulted the nose, even if none of them reminded me of a rotting carcass. Like high-end fromage, people in the cannabis community eat these nasal offenders up.

This wasn’t always a good thing — they invented the Stink Sack for a reason. Having particularly potent cannabis in your pocket was a good way to wind up having a long (and unwanted) talk with Johnny Lawenforcement. Now, like an Earth, Wind, & Fire concert, the more funk in the bag, the better for legal weed shoppers. Here are five weed strains that exemplify how truly awful pot can smell:

Cat Piss

For those looking for the joy of owning a used litter box sans the toxoplasmosis, there’s Cat Piss, a sativa and actual thing. Big notes of ammonia and the subsequent pine cleaner you’d use to clean up a kitten’s accident are overwhelmingly present here. I’ve talked about the pee smell before withJack Flash, but Cat Piss takes the urinal cake.

Dog S***

More of a dog person? Not for long. There’s nothing like opening a bag of weed and mistaking it for a plastic bag your dog filled on a walk. You rarely see this nowadays — thankfully — as it’s somewhat of a legacy hybrid that draws on strains like Colombian Gold and Afghani, among others. My favorite Dog S*** review, however, comes fromLeafly user Luckey73: “I think it’s Labrador … lol.”

Chemdawg Sour Diesel

While these two strains have produced offspring that are more palatable — the flowery Dopium, for example — this particular iteration feels like you’ve stumbled into a meth lab. Take one part huffing gasoline and one part being locked underneath your kitchen sink, and you’ve got Chemdawg Sour Diesel. If that trailer park-esque profile doesn’t sound desirable, keep in mind the parent strains are some of the most bred in the industry.

Space Queen


This strain is so funky, I had a friend bring me their bag out of concern it had somehow gone bad. Out of the many cheese strains on the market, this combination of Cinderella 99 and Romulan has the most propensity to smell like spoiled dairy. Think Day Three of Ron Burgundy wandering the streets of San Diego with his carton of milk.

Super Skunk

You know those animals that people avoid at all costs for fear of being branded with their awful spray? Super Skunk is that, only distilled into herb form. Again, Skunk #1 is fairly ubiquitous in breeding circles, but this indica backcross with Afghani genetics is enough to make even Pepé Le Pew blush. To make matters worse, the aftertaste is akin to an IPA that has sat in the sun for a few days. Yum.

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