The Easy Way To Detox From Cannabis


Though many of us might hate to say it, sometimes we need to get cannabis out of our system. Whether you’re applying for a new job, in need of a tolerance break, or just want to get back to a substance-free body, there are a few things to know about flushing the herb from your system. Here’s how to detox from cannabis.

What is detoxing?

Marijuana can be a fun plant, but it definitely can change your body chemistry. For medical users, this can be a good thing. For the healthy person, you might find that it makes you a little sluggish or different from your normal self. If for some reason you want to set your body back to base, a detox is in order.

A detox is a period of abstinence from using the plant. During this period, your body uses up its reserves of THC metabolites and your body eventually returns to its normal, sober state.

What to expect when you detox from cannabis

Marijuana is not associated with the severe withdrawal symptoms of other substances. Unlike alcohol, you’re

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