The Future Of Medical Cannabis, Direct To You Door


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Two Canadian companies, Aurora Cannabis, and Bedrocan Canada have become the country’s first cannabis companies to offer same-day cannabis delivery service.

The companies

Aurora Cannabis –which operates chiefly in Calgary– has already launched the initiative and plans to bring it to Edmonton sometime next month. Spokesperson and chief brand officer Neil Belot said in a statement that the company has its eyes on the future.

We are very proud to bring this innovative commitment to our customers, and by next month we will be able to offer same-day delivery to an area covering the majority of the population of Alberta.

Bedrocan Canada is located in Toronto, on the other side of the country. Canadian law bars medical cannabis dispensaries from operating storefronts; this has led to companies like Bedrocan Canada conducting almost all of their business via mail, which a company spokesperson, Jordan Sinclair, thinks will only increase with same-day delivery.

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