The History Of Anti-Marijuana Propaganda Will Make You Uncomfortable

These days it is easy to take for granted how the relative acceptance by mainstream America. In popular culture, academia, and business, cannabis is gaining acceptance and credibility at a rapid pace.  This was not always the case. The majority of America’s 20th-century history with cannabis was consumed by anti-cannabis propaganda, the effects of which continue to reverberate in how Americans  act and react to cannabis.

Harry Anslinger & Reefer Madness

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In the 1930s, cannabis was a substance mostly thought to be consumed by Mexican immigrants, jazz musicians, and other city dwellers outside of the mainstream. As such, it was not thought to be a harmful substance to the general population.

Then, Harry Anslinger, the commissioner of the newly-created Federal Bureau of Narcotics (FBN), needed a drug scare to bring money into the coffers of his fledgling agency. What followed was almost a decade of propaganda, captured famously in the now-classic anti-cannabis propaganda film Reefer Madness, that…

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