The Michelangelo of Joint Rolling


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The history of art comes with many constants. First and foremost art is supposed to catch people’s attention, generate discussion and animate what would otherwise be a colorless existence.

Second, artists of each generation use the materials that are available to them at the time based on their economic stature and geographic location. Michelangelo used marble; Pollock used gloss enamel paint dripped onto large pieces of canvas, and Banksy uses spray paint.

The modern cannabis world has its own renaissance at the hands of Tony Greenhand. Tony is known far and wide for being the foremost joint-rolling artist. His creations have caught the attention of major corporations and celebrities. He took the time to speak with while fulfilling an order for Tommy Chong.

“I do the joint art, and that’s what I’m most known for. On top of that, I do consulting for other people who are trying to roll, dispensaries and things like that. So I would say [my title]is joint specialist.”

Tony noticed early on that he had a talent for rolling, which made him quite popular among his peers. “I started rolling right out of high school. All my friends loved my joints, so I started [designing]more complex ones.”

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 10.39.13 AMSome of Tony’s creations include a Pikachu; he has several rifle and handgun-shaped joints, one in the shape of a slice of pizza and several more. The best thing about Tony’s art is that it is entirely smokeable, although you would probably want to keep it considering it’s awesomeness factor.

“I used to sculpt with clay when I was younger. With [sculpting]joints, it’s all geometry. A joint is a cylinder or a cone. Most geometric shapes smoke correctly when connected to other geometric shapes.” Tony’s first roll outside the norm was a cross. He then practiced making some that he saw in books, and his first original creation was a rocketship.

Tony is now making joints full-time, some that cost upwards of $2,000, depending on the creation. Fear not the cost, however, at that price Tony provides the weed. “I normally prefer somebody to give me their weed of choice so that I can roll what they like.”

When creating his cannabis sculptures, Tony looks for the ideal materials to work with. “What matters most is how dry [the marijuana]is. It can’t be too dry or wet. It also can’t be too dense because when you grind it up it will be like gravel. I prefer my joints to be almost ground to a powder, then I can pack it down and I insert skewers into the joint to create air flow so that they burn longer and they taste better.”

The biggest joint he has ever rolled came in at 4.2 pounds. “It’s the current world record as far as I can tell, Guinness won’t cover that. However, online, 4.2 pounds is the biggest, it was shaped like a watermelon.”



To take advantage of Tony’s services you can look him up on Instagram or Twitter and get in touch with him.

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