Herbalizer: The Purest Way to Enjoy Your Weed


The cannabis community is growing larger by the month, and people are looking towards this amazing plant to help them treat many different ailments, mental and physical. Not only that, but marijuana is extremely popular for non-medical reasons as well.  The more we learn about how the benefits of weed are derived, the more emphasis we place on the smoking device, and for good reason.  


The negative effects that smoking can have on your lungs is valid concern to have when using marijuana, and the combustion that occurs when you spark up a joint or take a bong hit could be peppering your body with carbon monoxide and other noxious materials.  Heating the plant material above 445 degrees fahrenheit is a tipping point, and smoking herb at this temperature may be taking a serious toll on the health of your lungs. Not only that, but the benefits you derive from the pot itself can be lessened by smoking it the old fashioned way.


Now that we know so much more about cannabis, including terpene profiles and their benefits, it is time for a new way to enjoy it. Vaporizers have become ever popular for the weed enthusiast, and nowadays there are so many on the market to choose from. A consumer looking for the right one to do everything they need would be easily overwhelmed trying to decide between them, so luckily we have done the research for you.


Just like the nature of cannabis itself and the intricacies of the medicine it contains, your vaporizer needs to be able to work with the plant and not against it to access that goodness.


The Herbalizer desktop Vaporizer does just that.


Like most vaporizers, it extracts the active ingredients from your plant material through heat, without causing combustion. But, unlike most vaporizers on the market now, you are able to control the temperature of your vaporizer down to the very degree. Why is temperature control important? Well, the temperature that you’re heating your herb to can affect the extraction level. For instance, utilizing a lower temperature setting on your Herbalizer will volatilize molecules that will give you a gentle and uplifting experience, while higher temps will result in a more intense effect. Being able to control this is essential to getting the most out of your bud, and you are able to maximize the effects of the plant without destroying it. This will actually prolong the life of your stash, as you need less plant matter to feel the same effects you would if you were smoking it.


The Herbalizer desktop vape is accurate, efficient and discrete. It’s modern pod-like design gives it a sophisticated but innocuous appearance, and there are many ways to go about using it. You can enjoy herb or concentrate in this vaporizer, and you can inhale the vaporized plant material through a hose, a balloon, or for an even smoother cleaner taste, the Steamroller.

The Steamroller is 9 inches of cylindrical clear, durable and hand blown glass which includes a carb and smooth rounded mouthpiece for your inhaling pleasure. The bottom fits perfectly over the magnetic bowl on the body of your device, and the bonus inner chamber cools and diffuses the vapor before it hits your lungs, allowing for the best experience possible.


The Herbalizer is definitely a feat of engineering, which was obviously created with meticulous and loving detail to every aspect of it’s design. The upper lid of the pod even includes a hidden accessory tray to stow your bud and concentrates discretely out of sight. Consumers looking to find the best delivery system for valuable life-improving cannabis should look no further.  Not only can you enjoy your medical or recreational marijuana in states where it’s legal, but there are many other herbs you can use this device for as well for aromatherapy purposes.  You can turn your herbalizer to the aromatherapy mode and set the timer for a few minutes or an hour, the fan to quiet and enjoy the aromatic benefits of your chosen essential oil.


If you want to purchase this incredible desktop vaporizer, visit the Herbalizer website, www.herbalizer.com. They have specialists on hand and ready to answer any questions you may have, ordering is simple and your purchase features a bumper to bumper 2-year warranty.

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