The Worst Fashion Trends Ever to Hit the Marijuana Community


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Written by Brenden Gallagher
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It’s hard to say that the marijuana community isn’t intelligent, as it has produced so many writers, thinkers, and artists. It is also true that many athletes have wisely looked to cannabis for its medicinal benefits. However, it is totally fair to say that fashion has not traditionally been a strength of pot smokers. Throughout weed history, the fashions associated with smoking pot have ranged from the bad to the ridiculous, from the Bob Marley-inspired, to shirts with pictures of Bob Marley on them. Of the many genuinely awful fashion choices that have been associated with smoking weed, these are the worst.

A man wearing these wants to smoke weed and listen to records, and by “listen to records” he means, bone before his partner—whom he swears he’s in an open relationship with—gets home.


They say if you are going to wear a loud color, you should offset it with something more muted. If you are going to wear like seven loud colors at once, the only way you can look muted is in a tie dye shirt is if you never leave the house.

Because the worst fashion is no fashion at all.

The most useless headwear can easily become your most useless shirt.

Literally funny to no one but you, and that’s only when you’re way too high.

Repeat after me: Fred Durst is not a style icon.

This Lewis and Clark-inspired fashion is a worse deal than the Louisiana Purchase.

The official tank top of the freshman ladies of the Chi Omega chapter at the University of Tennessee.

For when you’re afraid to tell your mom you smoke, so you change into shorts in the bathroom before homeroom.

Forever drawn on your fifth grade binder, on your T-shirt, and in your heart.

Outside of the University of Vermont campus, there is nowhere these things are ever coming back in style. Or so we thought.

What are you, a magical hobo in a fairy tale looking to hoodwink our innocent hero? GTFO with these.

For when you want the first thing people know about you to be “I smoke pot and I’m 16 years old.” Obviously, actual Rastas get a pass on this one.

Nothing says, “I’m from suburban New Jersey and I listen to ska music” quite like this shirt, available at every suburban mall in America.


You’ll never come closer to wearing a welcome mat on your body than you will with one of these historic bad boys. You’ll also no longer be welcome in any reputable establishments.

If you’re going to appropriate a culture, at least make it look good. There is already a word for a white person in a dashiki, and it is “muumuu.”

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