There’s Nothing Quite Like Your First Time


I hadn’t been to Colorado since 2005, and well, a lot has changed since then. Not knowing what to expect, I was excited, and a bit anxious about being in a legal state for the first time. I had been to Amsterdam before but that was different- this was my first time in a legal state in MY home country and that was exciting in itself.

Welcome to Colorado

After I grabbed my luggage, my driver Marlene was waiting for me outside the airport. Marlene, who picked me up courtesy of My 420 Tours, was just as excited for my first experience as I was. Filled with curiosity, I asked her about her thoughts on Colorado’s legalization along the drive to our first stop: The Green Solution Dispensary.

When we pulled up to the dispensary, I was a bit confused. There were no angels or butterflies fluttering around it, nothing causing attention to the fact that there was a pot shop right off a highway exit in what I felt was the middle of nowhere, Colorado. But none of that really mattered. I was stoked.

As I…

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