These 5 States Consume The Most Weed (Lucky You If You Live There)


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More people than ever turn to cannabis today. With over half the nation allowing its use in one form or another, the love continues to spread. So what does use look like in those states? Here’s what one study revealed.

5. Washington

Coming in at number 5, Washington state is a legal recreational state that boasts the cannabis capital of Seattle. According to the study, 19.5% of their population got high in the past year. Medical marijuana has been legal there since 1998.

Recreational use passed with a vote of the people in 2012. I-502 garnered the signatures needed to go before the legislature, but they failed to act, so it automatically went to the people that November. Recreational use passed with approximately 56% of the vote.

4. Alaska

With 19.5% of the population enjoying the herb, they technically tie with Washington, but Alaska has made bigger strides in personal liberties. Last year, they officially legalized personal possession and growing.

This year, they are working on…

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