These 8 Indicas Will Couch-Lock You During Shark Week


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Watching the numerous shark documentaries during Shark Week can be a great time of the year for cannabis enthusiasts. Whether you want to melt into your couch for hours of shark entertainment or you’d like the mindset of an ocean predator, we’ve got a list of 8 great strains that can make shark week a blast. 

1. Shark Shock

A heavy indica, this strain will keep you glued to the TV while you melt into a happy state of relaxation. The top effects include relaxation, euphoria, and hunger. For medical patients, symptoms that are alleviated by this strain have been among pain, stress, and depression.

2. CBD Shark


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This high-CBD indica will take all the aches and pains away from a shark attack, along with some great night time relaxation after a long day of work. With high CBD, users will find a clearer headed high which should be great for those longer documentaries.

3. Great White Shark


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This hybrid is the offspring of South American and South Indian sativa, with a little…

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